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 Families are moving to Lindsborg for the outstanding educational institutes from Pre-K, to Higher Education. It's small enough that students can receive one-on-one instruction, and large enough to offer sports like wrestling and tennis, and arts like the Swedish Folk Dancers and orchestra starting at 4th grade.

The collaboration between USD 400 and Bethany College creates a great learning environment for kids of all ages. College students from other states who do their student teaching in Lindsborg, commonly return a couple years later to continue their careers.

Residents living in McPherson and Saline Counties, are quialified to attend Bethany College tuition free.

Small town doesn't mean small on amenities. Lindsborg has what you need for everyday life. The best part about it, most of it will be less than five minutes away.

From a community hospital to local hairdressers, Lindsborg can accommodate for almost any need. On the small occasions you need something special like a new furniture set, Salina and McPherson are only 15 minutes away with Wichita is a short one hour drive.

Lindsborg makes for a great bedroom community with lots of employment opportunities within 30 minutes, great amenities throughout the community, affordable housing, and an elite school district that not's too big, or too small. Visit Lindsborg and experience the community for yourself

Quality of Life


  • Wichita - 1 hour

  • Salina - 15 minutes

  • Hutchinson - 45 minutes

  • Newton - 40 minutes

  • McPherson - 15 minutes

The crime rate in Lindsborg is nearly 40% lower than the state average. Lindsborg has one of the best public safety records in the area. 

The centralized location of Lindsborg makes looking for employment much simple. Live in Lindsborg to enjoy the safety and schools of a small town, while making a good wage working in the region. 

In addition, our location allows us to be nestled off the interstate, but a short one hour drive to Eisenhower National Airport. Enjoy the small town living with big city amenities not far away.

The quality of life in Lindsborg can make it difficult to find the right house for your family. If you are interested in moving to Lindsborg in the near future, and would like to be notified of new housing development projects that are being started, CLICK HERE and leave your email.

It’s no accident that Lindsborg is a culture and arts haven. The town’s founders wanted it that way. Even while still building early infrastructure and living in shelters dug into the prairie floor, they made room for choral singing, decorative ironwork, wood carving and playing musical instruments.
People travel from around the world to see the Birger Sandzen Memorial Art Gallery and its centerpiece collection of oils by Swedish immigrant and Bethany College professor Birger Sandzen. For the past 137 years, Lindsborg residents join with other Kansans to perform Handel’s choral masterwork Messiah in Bethany’s historic Presser Hall. The White Peacock serves up rich cappuccino alongside art material swaps and poetry jams. The Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers and Folkdanslag both perform in tours, as well as at popular festivals in Lindsborg including Svensk Hyllninsgest every other October, Midsummer’s Festival, and Lucia Festival in December.


Lindsborg also comes with open mic nights, public art, notable art education in K-12 schools as well as at Bethany College, and an influx of young arts business owners.


Cosmopolitan recently named Lindsborg a top girlfriend getaway, and we’re proud that our little place has more game than larger communities in this category. Our inventive and independently owned dining and shopping options blend with walkability and safety to make Lindsborg a reliable exploration for locals as well as visitors nationwide.
Sip and savor, either indoors or out, at the new Farley’s Bar and Grill. Dine on delicately prepared fresh fish flown in from the West Coast weekly at the Swedish Crown. Looking for a vintage Kansas pub discovered by ABC Good Morning America and generations of locals? Get to the Ol Stuga.
Scott’s Hometown Foods is one of Kansas’ notable independently owned groceries. It is patronized by visitors and mail order customers as well as locals for its fresh, frozen and packaged Swedish treats and everyday food supplies. A well-stocked independent hardware store serves Lindsborg, as do many businesses that offer competitive and knowledgeable professional services.  And when you’re in the market for a special something, browse any number of notable locations offering the hand-made and custom, the unusual and particular, the creative and fine.  You’ll also find several young women shop owners with great ideas and good energy.

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WHY Lindsborg

 As many Bethany grads are relocating back to Lindsborg, the community is experiencing a shortage of single-family housing. New housing developments are being evaluated in several locations in Lindsborg. If you are a Bethany graduate and interested in relocating back to Lindsborg, please let us know by completing the form below. Your information will not be shared with outside parties. It will only be used to show there is a need in Lindsborg for housing.


You will be notified via email of new developments, and under no obligation. If you have any interest in building in Lindsborg, provide some basic details below:The Smoky Valley Development Corporation is focused on providing adequate housing and business opportunities for the community. 

Bethany graduates are moving back to Lindsborg